Letter of Credit Procedure
1. We receive a pro forma invoice or request form to review the business.
2. After reviewing the business, we send the client:
    Draft instrument
3. Client reviews draft.
4. The client can request C.I.F.I. to modify the draft.
5. The client receives the revised draft and repeats steps 3 and 4.
6. We receive an approval for issuance and the following documents are requested:
      Final draft approved, sealed and signed by client.
     Certificate of incorporation of the client’s company.
     List of shareholders of the company.
    Passport copy of the main shareholder of the company.
    Contract signed by an authorized signatory of the company.
7. Sent to the customer:
   The invoice
   Contract signed by the issuing entity
8. The issuer of the instrument is paid
9. The financial institution / Bank issues the instrument.
10. The customer receives an issued copy of the instrument.

If you have a limited company, less than one year old and your bank does not provide you with an irrevocable letter of credit to make purchases in any country in the world or a Guarantee Letter of Credit to guarantee your orders. We take care of everything and in less than a week you will have it in your possession, total average cost at 120 days (5%). If your company is more than a year old and has full bank lines, also count on us.