Not all intermediaries have to be scammers

There are lawyers who see all intermediaries as scammers; they do not believe in obtaining financial instruments like SBLCs, they believe that it is impossible; but really 20% of the operations are real.

Is it possible to become a millionaire without having practically no money? . The answer in No

Is it necessary to pay issuance fees in advance? , The answer is yes

Why do you have to pay expenses in advance? No financial entity will issue a SWIFT that will be irrevocable, without the payment of the corresponding financial expenses, if you use a bank for a transfer, the expenses are charged at the same time it is issued.

How to avoid 80% of fraudulent operations? Obtain international commercial reports from the issuing company, look for other companies that have worked with that company, verify the issuing company with organizations such as FCA in the UK or the Bank of Spain. (Each country has a regulatory body)